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The main service we offer is free, confidential listening service 24/7/365.

Crisis Intervention Line 662-328-0200


When life is overwhelming, if someone is worried about a loved one, or if someone just needs to talk, Contact Helpline provides immediate and confidential help.


Our goal is to empower transformation from breaking point to turning point. Everyone faces crisis, but no one needs to go through it alone. Our experienced, professionally trained Crisis Line Specialists are ready to respond 24/7/365 to whatever crisis an individual is facing.


Below, you’ll find a detailed description of each of our services and where each is provided.

24/7/365 Crisis Line


Trained crisis intervention specialists are available around the clock, every day of the year, to help over the phone.

The Crisis Line is confidential and is open to anyone who needs help.


Our specialists can help in many ways, including:

  • Talking to you and helping you calm down;

  • Talking about your worries about a loved one;

  • Helping you deal with difficult relationships;

  • Talking about thoughts of suicide;

  • Sending help to meet you in the community;

  • Getting you somewhere that’s safe;

  • Helping you arrange counseling or connecting you to a community resource near you;

  • Stabilizing violent or threatening situations;

  • Presenting options for dealing with other urgent situations; and,

  • Helping you identify your resources for care.

  • Listen in a nonjudgmental environment about a problem that may be embarrassing


Information & Referral Line 662-328-0200


We provide A Listening Ear to those in need of Information and Referral to community agencies. We make referrals to community resources to address mental, physical, and basic needs of the callers.

Reassurance Contact: 
A division of Golden Triangle CONTACT Teleministry, Inc., Reassurance Contact seeks to meet the special needs of people who are elderly or physically challenged and living alone by placing a regular phone call at a pre-arranged time to those individuals.


To check on the client’s well-being;

To remind clients to take medications;

To affirm that someone does care by sharing a few minutes in friendly conversation;

To provide emergency follow-up.


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